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Goodrich / Update on Dorothy Goodrich- Her father
« Last post by wquick50 on October 13, 2017, 07:59:11 AM »
I heard recently from someone by the name of Don Blauvelt through says he has viewed the will (09/12/1780 Wethersfield, CT) of Oliver Goodrich (b. 1714 married to Temperence Wright) mentions six daughters including the name Dorothy. I am wondering how I can obtain this will, and how I can obtain it?

The find a grave information Mr. Blauvelt put on Oliver Goodrich sounds good, and I feel he might be close. I still want to be sure
He states;
Oliver and Temperance had seven children of birth record at Wethersfield: Roger, Sarah, Prudence, Temperance, Oliver, Millicent (d.y.) and Millicent. Stiles in his 1904 "History of Ancient Wethersfield" relied on the 1885 "Goodrich Family in America" to claim four additional children were of birth record, but their stated dates of birth do not appear in the Wethersfield birth records or Wethersfield or Rocky Hill church baptism records (Pollicene, Ezekiel, Lucretia and Dorothy).

However, in Oliver's Sept. 12, 1780 Wethersfield will, six daughters are named:

? next my Will is that my six [i.e., unmarried] Daughters now with me shall have fifteen pounds Lawful money Each[, the] articles to be computed as they passed in the year 1774 (viz) Sarah, Pollicene, Lucresha, Mille [i.e., Millicent], Dorothy and Chloe and that [my son] Oliver pay Sarah, Pollicene and Lucresha and that [my son] Ezekiel should pay Mille, Dorothy and Chloe.

Oliver Goodrich and Temperance Wright had the following twelve identified children, only the seven oldest and the youngest child are of birth and/or baptism record, the others identified by their recorded marriages in the Wethersfield or Rocky Hill church records. The dates of birth for Pollicene, Ezekiel, and Lucretia are from the Goodrich Genealogy:
Roger 1741, Sarah 1743, Prudence 1745, Temperence 1747, Capt Oliver goodrich 1749, Millicent (1751-52) Pollicene 1757, Ezekiel 1759, Lucretia 1761, ++Dorothy 1763, Chloe 1765
Goodrich / Re: John R Goodrich
« Last post by TSGoodrich on September 14, 2017, 14:34:33 PM »
Greetings, Wolfman -

In June of last  year you posted this on the Goodrich Family Association site:

    "John R Goodrich born 1828 -1830 TN died 1902 Arkansas... My Great Grand Father Confederate Prisoner of war 1863 Battle of Port Hudson Married to Sara Ann Daniels  Their, Son my grandfather Patrick Henry Goodrich . There is a lot about my GGrandfather and then nothing past that,  only parents from TN or NC brick wall for years!!! any help would be great !!"

I'm wondering if in the intervening months you've been able to find more about John R.   My own branch of the Goodrich family came to Tennessee from Virginia probably around 1820 and settled in and around Fayetteville in the south central part of the state.  My great grandfather, John Thomas Goodrich (1844-1917) also fought on the Confederate side and was captured but managed to escape.   In researching his time in the war, I came across the Confederate Veteran magazine, which was established in 1893 and - get this - is still published today!  The archives up to 1932 are in the public domain; just do a google search for confederate veteran archives and you should get there. 

If you have further information and wouldn't mind sharing, I'd appreciate seeing it.  In any case, good luck with your searching.

Tom Goodrich
Palo Alto, CA
Forum and Main Site Related News / Site upgraded to Version 2 of SMF
« Last post by Matt_G on October 16, 2016, 15:35:12 PM »
I have upgraded the forum software to version 2.0.12.
This was necessary as Version 1.x that we have been on is no longer maintained and was becoming a security risk.
The only difference you will notice is that your theme for viewing the site has been reset to the default theme.
Sorry about that but it couldn't be avoided.
I will try and get some themes available for use in the near future.
All the ones that used to be available are not compatible with the new version of SMF.
If you have any issues, please feel free to contact via a private message or e-mail.

Goodrich / John R Goodrich
« Last post by Wolfman on June 18, 2016, 19:02:43 PM »
  :help:  John R Goodrich born 1828 -1830 TN died 1902 Arkansas... My Great Grand Father Confederate Prisoner of war 1863 Battle of Port Hudson Married to Sara Ann Daniels  Their, Son my grandfather Patrick Henry Goodrich . There is a lot about my GGrandfather and then nothing past that,  only parents from TN or NC brick wall for years!!! any help would be great !!
Goodrich / David son of David Goodrich--help/confirmation
« Last post by lucysinkular on March 02, 2016, 08:49:42 AM »
Dear Goodrich Family Association Members:

William Goodrich of Wethersfield, Connecticut is my 8th Great Grandfather.  I believe I have successfully followed his line down to me.  I reproduced my believed lineage, and labeled the generations starting with William as #1.  I believe I have established with good certainty the ties between generations:

1 and 2;
2 and 3;
3 and 4;
between 4 and 5 is my question
**All the generations then onward to me, I have documented nicely.

My uncertainty arrives at the tie between generation 4 and 5.  I'm not sure that second "David Goodrich" is the David Goodrich who is a child of David Goodrich and Ann/Anna Robinson.  The books say that David and Anna joined the shakers in about 1780 and nothing more was known of them.   I've attached a screen shot of that write up from a Goodrich book.  Does anyone have any hints or information they could share?

William Goodrich (1621 - 1676)  -- My 8th great-grandfather m Sarah Marvin

David Goodrich (1667 - 1755) -- m. as 2nd Wife Prudence Churchill
son of William Goodrich

Benjamin Goodrich (1715 - 1797) -- m. Hannah Olmstead
son of David Goodrich

David Goodrich Sr. (1747 - 1802) -- m. Ann/Anna Robinson
son of Benjamin Goodrich

David Goodrich Jr. (1772 - 1852) -- m. Phebe King
son of David Goodrich Sr.

Thomas Palmer Goodrich (1807 - 1887) -- m. Lois Converse
son of David Goodrich Jr.

Lucy Amelia Goodrich (1841 - 1920) -- m. Berea M. Willsey
daughter of Thomas Palmer Goodrich

Caroline Amelia Willsey (1868 - 1951) -- m. George Gettys Dennis
daughter of Lucy Amelia Goodrich

Eugenie Lucile Dennis (1894 - 1968)  -- m. Ray M Higgins
daughter of Caroline Amelia Willsey

John Richard Higgins (1922 - 1977) -- m. Jessica Martha Stocking
son of Eugenie Lucile Dennis

ME-Lucy Sinkular, daughter of John Richard -- m. Scott Sinkular
daughter of John Richard Higgins


Goodrich / Charles O. Goodrich
« Last post by Ajones4607 on January 16, 2016, 13:09:41 PM »
Leroy (Rock) Goodrich      Wife: Mary Emma Goodrich (Howsare/Houser)
   B. 1815         1818-1907
   C. In Isle Wight, VA      In Chaneysville, Bedford Co., PA
   Died 11/28/1887      Died 08/28/1907
   Children:  12 total      
           1. Joseph Leroy      1845-1921
           2. Arthelia Francis      1845-?
           3. Ebenezar      1847?
           4. Andrew      1848-1919
           5. Daniel      1850-?
           6. Annie F.      1854-?
           7. Mary Elizabeth      1855-?
           8. Charles O.      1856-?
           9. Soloman      1856-?
           10. William      1858-?
           11. Leroy      1865-?
           12. Emma Weimer      1867-1913
   Charles O. Goodrich      Wife: Emma Goodrich (Davis)
   Grace Goodrich      
   Albert E. Jones      Wife: Grace Jones (Goodrich)
   D. Grace and Albert  were married in Grand Rapids, Mich. on 11/27/1910,
   I have a copy of the application from the county clerk in Kent County,
   Mich. Also a Copy of their Marriage Certificate which took place on the same day.
   Witnesses were Brides father Charles O. Goodrich and mother Emma Davis.
   Grooms Father W.D. Jones and mother Nancy Silk.
   1930 Census shows them living in Buffalo City, New York
   Grace told me in 1964 that my Great-Great Grandmother was an Indian Princess,
   Sadly I was 21 and did not pursue this.  Since then I have asked my older Brother and
   He claims Grace was a Sioux Indian and my Cousin said he lived next door to my grandmother and said she was Potawatomi Indian. I have no clue this cannot be
   Pursued as the Indian websites will not give any information for or against this.
Goodrich / Erastus Goodrich, father of Sophia Euretta Goodrich
« Last post by Helen on September 21, 2015, 18:50:02 PM »
I am descended from Sophia Euretta Goodrich (1805-1882)  and Alexander McDonald, from his son Alexander Fraser McDonald who went to Australia after gold, ( If anyone would like more information on their descendants let me know) I had for a long time, knew about her father Erastus Goodrich, son of Phila  but i had a problem, as he was only 10 when Sophia Euretta, was born so i discounted him as her father for a long time, then i thought the birth date may be wrong, but that causes all sorts of other problems, then just recently I found an alternative pedigree on the internet, so it goes something like this. The Erastus Goodrich, father of Sophia Euretta, was born in October 1779, died December 6th 1831. son of ASA Goodrich, (1756-1826) and LOIS ROWLEY, ASA Goodrich was the son of DAVID Goodrich born 1720, married 1748 to Martha Mudge, this is where this pedigree meets the one here, but there is only one son David Listed here,   if anyone is interested in the full details let me know.    I read the earlier posts regarding this branch, particularly about the connection between Sophia Euretta Goodrich and a possible grandfather Captain Fraser,   Captain Simon Fraser died in 1779, his son Simon  Fraser (the explorer)  is described as the youngest of 8 children and he was born in 1776, Euretta Fraser was born in 1785, so she could not be a daughter of Captain Simon Fraser, but the fact that Sophia Euretta Goodrich did go to Canada, where Captain Simon Fraser had at least one brother living there,  a Captain John Fraser  is suggestive that there is some kind of link, Sophia Euretta Goodrich was only 3 when her mother died, her father (The one described above) remarried in 1809, when she was only 4, it is possible that she was sent to Canada, to be looked after by her maternal grandparents, or relatives.
Goodrich / Ebenezer Goodrich 1766-1844
« Last post by 3msachj on August 25, 2015, 10:24:16 AM »
Does anyone have any specific information that Russell Goodrich was the son of Ebenezer, other than the Case Book?
I am convinced that Ebenezer left CT and went to VT, and that Russell was born there, but I cannot locate records in VT.
Ebenezer was living in Monroe County (Detroit) MI in 1836, since he is shown as living in his wife's obituary (Submit Norton)

I need a connection between Russell and Ebenezer other than the book.
Goodrich / The Southern Branch, revisited
« Last post by TSGoodrich on April 09, 2015, 11:53:34 AM »
A few years ago I posted a question about what I called the "southern branch" of the Goodrich family, the one that immigrated into Virginia in the 1600's.  I've found a good deal of information since then and thought I would share some of that, hopefully to get others' comments.  From what I've found, it looks like there were two separate lines that came into Virginia during this period.  One was a John Goodrich, who may have been the son of John Goodrich, son of Richard Goodricke of Ribston Manor in Yorkshire, England.  One source that states this is George Mackenzie's Colonial Families of the United States (vol 5, 461), originally published in 1912.  He may have been the John Gutteridge who came to Virginia in the ship "George" from Gravesend, Aug. 21, 1635, aged 19; he may have been the John Goodrich (d. 1698) who settled in the Isle of Wight.  On the other hand, there are other problems with Mackenzie's account: he thinks John the immigrant was actually the son -- not the grandson -- of Richard Goodricke, which would have been difficult since it appears the latter died about 15 or 16 years before John was born.   Mackenzie also thinks that another son of Richard Goodricke was Thomas Goodrich, who commanded troops during Bacon's Rebellion.  But that possibility seems to have disappeared in 2009 when DNA linked Thomas Goodrich to the Wethersfield line from Bury St. Edmunds, as LWCATES wrote in a post on the DNA thread here; his line is the other branch of Goodriches.   So, if anyone has more information about the John Gutteridge/Goodrich of the Isle of Wight, I would much appreciated pointers to it.

Some of the replies to my earlier post related to ancestors who had settled in Ohio and Kentucky; my own branch ended up in Tennessee.  If this is helpful, in the couple of decades following the War of Revolution, there were great efforts to open up the lands in what was then the western wilderness of Virginia.  Many families, including some Goodriches, took the Wilderness Road (partly blazed by Daniel Boone), through the Cumberland Gap, and dispersed north and south from there.  For a very nice account of one such Goodrich family who ended up in Indiana, with well-researched descriptions of life on the frontier, see A Great-Grandmother and Her People, the story of Rebecca Pearce Goodrich, an electronic copy of which is available at
Goodrich / Genealogy tours
« Last post by Scrappinsusan on February 15, 2015, 01:23:49 AM »
Anyone know of a tour in England that covers the ancient Goodrich Ancestors? 
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