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First time users please read!
« on: November 11, 2006, 13:41:41 PM »
Welcome to the GFA Forum!
As a new user here, there are several things I want to point out that should make your time here more enjoyable.

1) I strongly suggest that once you have registered and logged on the first time, that you go into your profile and hide your e-mail address from public view. SMF is a great piece of open source software, but the way it handles e-mail addresses is the one nit I have to pick with it. If you choose to not hide your e-mail address, your are vulnerable to spam-bots harvesting your address. Note that by hiding your address other users of the forum will not be able to e-mail you. However SMF has a very good Private Messaging system that works quite well. You also have the option of having the system e-mail you when someone sends you a private message.

2) To start a new thread click the new topic button. Be sure to make the subject line relate to your topic, and use the appropriate forum. To reply to the thread you are viewing just click the reply button. To insert a smiley in your post just click the one you want inserted. The code used to display the smiley will added to your post wherever your cursor is. You can preview your post before actually posting it by clicking the preview button.

2) I have loaded a few themes that will change how the board looks in your browser. You can change the theme you use by going into your profile and clicking "Look and Layout Preferences". At the top of that page will be the Current Theme you are using. Click the change link and try them out. Note that if you use the Helios_Multi or Leviathan themes there will be "color bars" and the top of the page. Clicking on these will change the color scheme of that theme. Only those 2 themes have this functionality.

3) If you are having any problems understanding how something works on this forum please click the help button found at the top of the page. That will answer most general questions for you. If your question is not answered there, please post in the feedback forum or you can send me a PM. I will answer as quickly as I can.

4) If you have any suggestions on how we can make this site better, or if you have any gripes, etc., please post them on our feedback board. I will do everything I can to address/implement your concerns/suggestions.

5) Remember that this is your board. Without you, there can be no community! :)

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