Author Topic: I cannot find who my distant Grandmother is related to in the Goodrich line  (Read 3161 times)


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I have been searching for quite awhile about my distant Grandmother who she is related to or should I say her parents, and have hit a brick wall.  :wallbash:  Anyways, her name is Dorothy Goodrich and she was born in 1763, she could have been from the Wethersfield area, but I know that she and her husband Stephen Tilden were married on the 16th of January 1786 at the Rocky Hill Congregational Church. This was confirmed in a letter from a minister from that church, that was attached to Stephen's military pension file, as he was a patriot in the War of Independance 1776. Dorothy Goodrich died on the 28th October 1845 is buried in Hatley, Quebec along with her husband Stephen Tilden. (Lakeview Cemetery, North Stanstead, Hatley, Quebec) In addition, the next generation down carried the Goodrich name (where my line descends from) Charles Goodrich Tilden born on 9th of July, 1807 Compton,Quebec.

Could someone out there have any idea where I can do some research on the genealogy or family lines in the Rocky Hill, Connecticut or general area? I've been searching for a number of years and can't find what I am looking for. :help:



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Hello, there is another verification that Stephen Tilden married Dorothy Goodrich - the marriage is listed in Henry Stiles  History of Ancient Wethersfield,
Vol. 2 page 704. with the marriage date.  Unfortunately, not much information about this couple has been found to date. I would like to know more
about them if you would share with  me additional information at gfadeloresATverizon net  (substitute @ for AT)
Thank you,