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Erastus Goodrich, father of Sophia Euretta Goodrich
« on: September 21, 2015, 18:50:02 PM »
I am descended from Sophia Euretta Goodrich (1805-1882)  and Alexander McDonald, from his son Alexander Fraser McDonald who went to Australia after gold, ( If anyone would like more information on their descendants let me know) I had for a long time, knew about her father Erastus Goodrich, son of Phila  but i had a problem, as he was only 10 when Sophia Euretta, was born so i discounted him as her father for a long time, then i thought the birth date may be wrong, but that causes all sorts of other problems, then just recently I found an alternative pedigree on the internet, so it goes something like this. The Erastus Goodrich, father of Sophia Euretta, was born in October 1779, died December 6th 1831. son of ASA Goodrich, (1756-1826) and LOIS ROWLEY, ASA Goodrich was the son of DAVID Goodrich born 1720, married 1748 to Martha Mudge, this is where this pedigree meets the one here, but there is only one son David Listed here,   if anyone is interested in the full details let me know.    I read the earlier posts regarding this branch, particularly about the connection between Sophia Euretta Goodrich and a possible grandfather Captain Fraser,   Captain Simon Fraser died in 1779, his son Simon  Fraser (the explorer)  is described as the youngest of 8 children and he was born in 1776, Euretta Fraser was born in 1785, so she could not be a daughter of Captain Simon Fraser, but the fact that Sophia Euretta Goodrich did go to Canada, where Captain Simon Fraser had at least one brother living there,  a Captain John Fraser  is suggestive that there is some kind of link, Sophia Euretta Goodrich was only 3 when her mother died, her father (The one described above) remarried in 1809, when she was only 4, it is possible that she was sent to Canada, to be looked after by her maternal grandparents, or relatives.
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