I am searching for more info on my  Grandmother Grace Goodrich

I have the marriage Licence App
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Grace was born 1887 abt. in Mich.
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Charles O. Goodrich
« on: January 16, 2016, 13:09:41 PM »
Leroy (Rock) Goodrich      Wife: Mary Emma Goodrich (Howsare/Houser)
   B. 1815         1818-1907
   C. In Isle Wight, VA      In Chaneysville, Bedford Co., PA
   Died 11/28/1887      Died 08/28/1907
   Children:  12 total      
           1. Joseph Leroy      1845-1921
           2. Arthelia Francis      1845-?
           3. Ebenezar      1847?
           4. Andrew      1848-1919
           5. Daniel      1850-?
           6. Annie F.      1854-?
           7. Mary Elizabeth      1855-?
           8. Charles O.      1856-?
           9. Soloman      1856-?
           10. William      1858-?
           11. Leroy      1865-?
           12. Emma Weimer      1867-1913
   Charles O. Goodrich      Wife: Emma Goodrich (Davis)
   Grace Goodrich      
   Albert E. Jones      Wife: Grace Jones (Goodrich)
   D. Grace and Albert  were married in Grand Rapids, Mich. on 11/27/1910,
   I have a copy of the application from the county clerk in Kent County,
   Mich. Also a Copy of their Marriage Certificate which took place on the same day.
   Witnesses were Brides father Charles O. Goodrich and mother Emma Davis.
   Grooms Father W.D. Jones and mother Nancy Silk.
   1930 Census shows them living in Buffalo City, New York
   Grace told me in 1964 that my Great-Great Grandmother was an Indian Princess,
   Sadly I was 21 and did not pursue this.  Since then I have asked my older Brother and
   He claims Grace was a Sioux Indian and my Cousin said he lived next door to my grandmother and said she was Potawatomi Indian. I have no clue this cannot be
   Pursued as the Indian websites will not give any information for or against this.