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Update on Dorothy Goodrich- Her father
« on: October 13, 2017, 07:59:11 AM »
I heard recently from someone by the name of Don Blauvelt through says he has viewed the will (09/12/1780 Wethersfield, CT) of Oliver Goodrich (b. 1714 married to Temperence Wright) mentions six daughters including the name Dorothy. I am wondering how I can obtain this will, and how I can obtain it?

The find a grave information Mr. Blauvelt put on Oliver Goodrich sounds good, and I feel he might be close. I still want to be sure
He states;
Oliver and Temperance had seven children of birth record at Wethersfield: Roger, Sarah, Prudence, Temperance, Oliver, Millicent (d.y.) and Millicent. Stiles in his 1904 "History of Ancient Wethersfield" relied on the 1885 "Goodrich Family in America" to claim four additional children were of birth record, but their stated dates of birth do not appear in the Wethersfield birth records or Wethersfield or Rocky Hill church baptism records (Pollicene, Ezekiel, Lucretia and Dorothy).

However, in Oliver's Sept. 12, 1780 Wethersfield will, six daughters are named:

? next my Will is that my six [i.e., unmarried] Daughters now with me shall have fifteen pounds Lawful money Each[, the] articles to be computed as they passed in the year 1774 (viz) Sarah, Pollicene, Lucresha, Mille [i.e., Millicent], Dorothy and Chloe and that [my son] Oliver pay Sarah, Pollicene and Lucresha and that [my son] Ezekiel should pay Mille, Dorothy and Chloe.

Oliver Goodrich and Temperance Wright had the following twelve identified children, only the seven oldest and the youngest child are of birth and/or baptism record, the others identified by their recorded marriages in the Wethersfield or Rocky Hill church records. The dates of birth for Pollicene, Ezekiel, and Lucretia are from the Goodrich Genealogy:
Roger 1741, Sarah 1743, Prudence 1745, Temperence 1747, Capt Oliver goodrich 1749, Millicent (1751-52) Pollicene 1757, Ezekiel 1759, Lucretia 1761, ++Dorothy 1763, Chloe 1765